In Our Own Words: Amanda Bartholomew

In Our Own Words: Amanda Bartholomew

This feature is part of a running series on where our student-athletes discuss their time at Georgia College, and what it has meant to be a part of the Bobcat Family. This week's student-athlete is senior soccer player, and school record holder for goals in a game, Amanda Bartholomew.


As I reflect on my time at Georgia College thus far, I can't help but smile.

You could say I love everything about this school. It hasn't been a place that I have just taken classes and played soccer at. It has been so much more than that.

Georgia College has become my home.

As a student, I have enjoyed my classes that I have taken, and the professors I have gotten to know. Because of the smaller size of the school, it has given me the ability to develop relationships with my professors. At my previous college, the class sizes were so big my professors rarely knew my name. Even as senior this year, I can see professors on campus that I had sophomore year and talk about life for a moment -- that is awesome.

The close relationships I have made with the faculty and staff on campus translates to the athletic department.

The transition of becoming a student-athlete at Georgia College was a breeze because I felt like I was a part of the family the first day I joined the team.

Transferring is usually not an easy process, except when you transfer to Georgia College.

I will forever be grateful for my coaches who have been more than just coaches to me. They have become a part of my family, and have always wanted the best for me. I will also be grateful for my teammates who have loved and believed in me since day one.

After I graduate, I will be so proud to say that I attended Georgia College, and to be able to say that I was a part of the women's soccer team.

Georgia College is not just a school to me, and the soccer program is not just a team. It is a community and a family that will be hard to leave.


-Amanda Bartholomew